Still Not Using Screen Recording? You Must Hate Making Sales


Are you still not using screen recording to help close deals? You must hate more sales. Screen recording is a powerful tool for accelerating the sales process, and it's been around for some time now. Do you want to know why so many of your competitors are using it and closing deals faster than you? Well, stick around, because in this blog post we'll show how sales reps can use these screen recording extensions to increase their productivity and save hours of time each week.

Why Are Sales Reps Migrating To Screen Recording?

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to train employees on new software or processes that would save both them and yourself valuable time? There is! And that "way" is called screen sharing or screen recording. 

3 Tips To Maximize Sales With Screen Recording

Now that we have an understanding of why sales reps are migrating to screen recording, it's time to see the powers of screen recording for sales with these three powerful tips. 

1. Eliminate The Cold Call

Let’s face it, people find every excuse in the world to not read another email. With so much spam, sales cold emails and other junk cluttering the inbox, you need a method to get into your prospects inbox, but, more importantly, get noticed in the inbox before being sent to the trash. Is there anything better on a Monday morning than cranking up the laptop and diving into a 500 name list of leads to start cold-calling? 

What? No? Oh, you hate that? 

We did too, that is, until we started incorporating Vaam Screen Recording. With Vaam, you can automate even the worst of tasks, including the dreaded cold calls. The eye-catching video introduction is a great way to get people's attention. Unlike the traditional approach of just sending out cold emails, or making phone calls that can feel mundane. Cold calls, waste time, waste energy and lack the personalized touch needed to get past the gatekeepers. People don't want to talk to another faceless sales call. People are busy and they have no incentive to “connect” with you. 

Vaam (Video As A Message) was built with one thing in mind, to increase your time and productivity, by empowering you to personalize your message with a tailored asynchronized video message directly into your prospects' inbox. Whether that be a quick 30-second pitch, a personalized software demonstration or a post-meeting wrap-up, a custom video message speaks to your client and more importantly, gets heard by your client. With Vaam, you are no longer a faceless “salesperson”, instead, you are a face, a name and you are delivering the product solution your prospect needs to resolve whatever their problem may be.

2. Product Demonstrations and “How To’s”

Give valuable product demonstrations that go far beyond the mundane lists of instructions and dated corporate How-to videos. With screen recording, you can (in real time) share a product demonstration that is tailored to your specific prospect. A demonstration where you can answer questions and apply the product demonstration directly, to the prospects environment, showing the true power of your product or service. With screen recording, you can engage with your client and answer their questions as you demonstrate your product, leaving your client engaged in your presentation and focused on the sale. 

3. Integrate Vaam Into Your Existing Workflows

In a time where everything is separated by silos of brands and softwares, it is extremely refreshing to see a software service that can seamlessly integrate with the already effective programs you love every day. With Vaam, you can integrate your Vaams into your daily services and task organizers like Slack, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Calendy, Emails and many more! With drag and drop integrations, one-click recordings and personalized messages, your current systems in palace get a personalized boost from Vaam screen recording. Time is important, and Vaam gives you more time. Imagine making a new connection on Vaam just to give your “thanks” message and then sending over a wall of text trying to cold-pitch your product. Let’s be honest, it goes right into the trash can. Now, take that same new Linkedin connection and instead, send over a quick “video thank you” message. Using Vaam, you can say thanks with a personalized short video that clearly shows how your new connection will improve their life with your product. 

But Wait, There’s More!

So, that was a quick rundown of 3 powerful examples of how screen recording with Vaam can increase your sales strategy workflows. However, the power of screen recording goes much deeper than just cold emails, how-to’s and integrations. With Vaam, you can use screen recording to improve the productivity and success of the  following tasks as well:

Train New Employees: People learn better when things are demonstrated. By incorporating a personalized training video with demonstrations into your new employee orientations, they can learn 1-on-1 at their own pace.

Team Meetings: Need to get everyone on the same page? Dont schedule another disorganized Zoom call, use Vaam to tailor a team meeting for each member to view on their own and learn what updates the team has going on. 

Webinars: No one wants to miss out on a webinar, but sometimes things happen. Contact clients who missed the webinar and send them recordings of the sessions as a gift. You can also share these videos on social media so that everyone knows what happened.

Product Demonstrations: Show your clients in real-time with video exactly how your product will improve their business and life. Nothing is more powerful than hands-on examples!

Follow-Up Highlights: Once that meeting is over and you have put your best foot forward with your product, send a follow Vaam to highlight your products selling points and answer any questions your client may have. 

Personalized Customer Support: Rather than just explaining how to fix a problem a customer has with a wall of text, create a Vaam screen recording and show them exactly how to fix their issue. 

How To Get Started

Now is the time to invest in your skills, and demonstrate what you can do. 

With screen recording software, business owners will be able to create visual how-to’s or tutorials for their products while marketers use it as part of their sales strategy by creating videos that highlight features they offer on the market place!

So, are you on board? We thought so, let’s get started with screen recording. Reading through all of this, you may be concerned about the thought of another subscription software or paid tool. The folks over at Vaam have kept you in mind. With Vaam, you get FREE use of their innovative screen recording software. But the best part? It's a simple to use browser extension you can grab right now from the Chrome Web Store.  

Simply head over to the Vaam Chrome Web Store, download the extension, and with a few clicks, you are off and running with screen recording on your way to increased productivity and sales. Have a question about Vaam? Click here to get your solution from the Vaam team!

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