3 tips for building a world-class B2B sales team - from Christian Finstad (Mentimeter)

January 9, 2024

Christian Finstad, CSO at Mentimeter and earlier Area Director and VP of Sales at Meltwater, has been leading and scaling B2B Sales teams for decades at several global companies. And when Josef asked him for his 3 best tips for building a world-class B2B sales team he told me the following.

1. Recruitment - everything starts with the right people

  • Make sure you determine the right ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) for the salespeople you are looking for and not just think about ICP when it comes to your customers.
  • Look closely at the salesperson's previous experience, but primarily make decisions based on whether their personality and motivation are a good match for your team.

2. Build a long-term sales culture with a solid foundation in Earning, Learning & Impact

  • You must have a fundamental belief in investing resources to build the right long-term sales culture.
  • Salespeople's motivations can be mapped into three different buckets: Earnings, Learnings, and Impact.
  • Earning: If you work in B2B sales, you don't do it for free. Salary is important for everyone, but there is an overemphasis on salary, commission, and bonuses as the strongest motivators.
  • Learning: The best salespeople want to be challenged and develop themselves personally and in terms of their skills.
  • Impact: The best salespeople want to help others.
  • You must become great in articulating your Learning & Impact, as that is what builds your culture. Otherwise, it's Earning that drives, and people will leave after 18 to 24 months for higher Earning opportunities elsewhere.

3. Have a very clear sales methodology

  • Be extremely clear internally about how you sell your product to the right ICP.
  • Have a clear sales process from A → Z.
  • Be open to continuously improving it over time through small iterations.
  • And have a clear structure for how you build value over time to your customers.

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