Öka din försäljning

Så kombinerar du LinkedIn, email, telefon, och video

1. Insikter från hur hundratals beslutsfattare vill bli kontaktade vid försäljning.
2. Höra om två stora problem med klassisk prospektering.
3. Få konkreta steg och exempel på hur du skapar en effektiv och personlig säljprocess.

3 easy ways to increase your sales with video

1. Prospecting - how to be 10x as personal in your prospecting and get up to 4x more booked meetings.
2. In the sales process - how to increase your impact by over 10x, cut the time with up to the half, and up to double the number of closed deals.
3. When you send a quote - how to stand out more when it's time to sign, and increase your closed deals with tens of %.

How to avoid losing up to 50% of your deals

1. Why is your customer ghosting you? And why do your risks increase exponentially when there are multiple decision-makers involved?
2. What to prepare before your meeting, what to do during your sales meeting, and how you follow up correctly. All to help you 10x your perceived value and to close up to 2x as many deals.

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