Still Cold Calling? Try These 5 B2B Sales Hacks Instead


The sales world is always changing and well, you could avoid it, or, you could implement these hacks to elevate your B2B sales numbers, fast. The old ways of doing things simply don't work anymore, and your success depends on adapting to the ever-changing landscape. You can either evolve with the sales trends of today, or, you can be left behind. 

For example, the way you used to get in touch with prospects has changed dramatically over just a few years. Instead of calling every lead, trying to set up meetings over email, or sending out mass mailers that may or may not be opened by prospects who aren't even interested in your product, there really are more efficient methods for getting results today!  

For salespeople looking for new ways to expand their client base and increase conversions while decreasing time spent on unproductive tasks like cold calling and spammy email blasts, here are five growth hacks guaranteed to boost B2B sales:

Stop Sending Out Mailers 

Some sales tactics never seem to die….even when they should. How many times have you sent a mailer to a potential prospect and then felt like you wasted your time. Do you feel like it's difficult to get through all the clutter in today's business world? Do people even read mailers anymore? 

Well that is because they don't. 

Mailers are outdated and ineffective, but companies still send them out. The problem with this is that there are so many other ways to connect with prospects and customers - email, social media, telemarketing...the list goes on! With these new technologies at our disposal we should be able to cut down on the amount of non-effective sales strategies we use. Without a doubt, one of the fastest and most-impactful methods of reaching your client and having them engage with your offer, is through the power of Vaam (Video As A Message). Video catches attention and demands engagement at rates that far exceed anything found in text-driven communication. 

Get Your Team On The Same Page

Do you have a team of sales reps? One of the most important functions in any company is communication. With so many people working together, it's difficult to keep track of who needs what information. This blog post will help you get your team on the same page with screen recordings. Screen recordings are an easy way for teams to communicate internally about their business processes and workflows without having to worry about losing productivity or wasting time on complicated, expensive programs that have long setup times. 

Screen recording with Vaam is simple enough for anyone to use it, regardless of technical skills, and it’s free! 

Integrate Your Systems

No one likes to be chained to their desk, but the reality is that this is what you are doing if you are still relying on software that doesn't work with your current systems.  The best way to start increasing productivity without wasting time on data entry is by using integrated sales software for all of your needs.

Get More Email Cold Open Conversions

Email cold opens are a great way to get your message noticed and increase email replies. The key is personalizing the video by including their name and company in the intro sentence.  We'll show you how it's done with an example: “Hi Jane, I'm Joe from ABC Company. We noticed that you're looking for new marketing software and we wanted to send over this video of our quick 30-second product video to prove how we can help! “ The person who receives an email request from an unknown sender has an option to read this random wall of text, or watch and engage with a quick 30-second auto-playing Vaam to showcase your products selling points. 

Start Making REAL Connections

Making the right connections is vital to your business. The truth is, you can't just cold call anymore and expect good results. The world has changed and so have prospects' expectations for outreach from sales reps.  They want personalized experiences that show they matter to you – not a generic message that could be sent to anyone. This means if you don't know their preferences or pain points, then it's going to be almost impossible for them to trust you with their business. 

So how do we make these important b2b connections? By using screen recordings! Screen recording allow us, as sales professionals, to build relationships quickly by giving customers what they need most, and that is: The information about our products in a way that's easy for them to understand and most importantly, it shows customers why!

But, Vaam does so much more than just these few examples, check out 11 Things You Can Do With Vaam Today.

Get Started Today

We’ve just discussed how B2B sales professionals can use the video screen recording chrome extension Vaam to create more personalized and passionate pitches. One of the best things about this tool is that it allows users to record their entire computer screens, providing them with an opportunity for creativity in terms of what they show on camera.  The audio is also recorded so there's no need for any additional equipment or editing if you want natural sound as well.  Here’s the deal, you are busy, you need to be out there making connections and closing deals, you don't need to be spending hours trying to learn a new software tool.  Fortunately with Vaam, it couldn't be easier, simply head over to the Google Chrome Store, click install, and start sending Vaams in just a few clicks. 

There is no need to overthink this. 

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