11 ways of using Vaam in your business

August 3, 2021

Sales & social selling

Webinars - Thank people for joining your webinar in a personal way .

Email signature - Have a link in your email signature where you present yourself and what you do.

Customer service

How to install a software - Create a clear how-to for your company on how to install a new software.

Founders & Entrepenuers

Make your first pitch to VC's with asynchronous video.

Marketing and product development

Feedback on design - Show and tell in video and make your feedback more understandable.

Explain a demo or design to the rest of the team.

Demonstrate features - Show of the new features you and your team has developed on your project.

Internal communication

Before a meeting - Prep your team with relevant info.

After a meeting - Align your team so everyone knows what was decided.

Company news from leaders - Have your CEO make more personal messages instead of just a email.

New team member - When a new team member joins the company, introduce them with a Vaam to the rest of the group.

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