Finding the right ways to fund - Piotr Pisarz (Uncapped)

January 9, 2024

In the landscape of business funding, entrepreneurs and CEOs face a critical challenge: choosing the right funding method that aligns with their company's stage, risk profile, and growth objectives. In a recent insightful segment of our podcast, I had the pleasure of discussing this topic with Piotr Pisarz, the CEO & Founder of Uncapped, in B2B SaaS CEOs podcast. Piotr, with his extensive experience in the startup ecosystem, sheds light on how to navigate the complex world of funding.

Understanding the Risk and Stage of Your Business:

Piotr begins by emphasizing the importance of understanding the risk associated with different stages of a business. He categorizes these risks from high to low and advises on the suitable funding method for each category. For startups in the high-risk phase, typically in their early stages, Piotr suggests that equity funding is more appropriate. This phase often involves longer payback periods and higher uncertainties, making venture capital a suitable option.

Venture Capital for High-Risk Ventures:

Venture capital, as Piotr explains, is ideal for businesses that are in the growth phase but with high uncertainty. These companies need substantial capital to scale, and venture capitalists provide not just funding but also valuable mentorship and network access. However, Piotr warns about the cost of equity – it might be the most expensive in the long term, as it involves giving up a portion of ownership.

Alternative Funding Methods for Lower Risk Scenarios:

For businesses in a lower risk phase, typically those with more predictable revenue streams, Piotr advocates for alternative funding methods. He mentions venture debt and solutions like Uncapped, which offer more immediate funding with shorter payback periods. These methods are less risky compared to equity funding and are suitable for businesses looking to bridge short-term cash flow gaps or finance specific growth initiatives without diluting their ownership.


Choosing the right funding method is crucial for any business. It's about balancing the need for capital with the cost and risks associated with different funding sources. Piotr Pisarz's insights provide a valuable framework for CEOs and founders to evaluate their funding options. Whether it’s embracing the high-risk, high-reward nature of venture capital or opting for more conservative funding methods like venture debt, the key lies in aligning these choices with the specific needs and goals of the business.


Listen to the whole interview with Piotr Pisarz - CEO & Founder of Uncapped - in B2B SaaS CEOs podcast where Piotr and Josef discussed finding the right ways to fund, key cornerstone regarding building a strong Go-to-Market machine, big and costly mistakes, and much more.

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