How to use SEO to get more leads - Tine Karlsen (Vev)

January 9, 2024

Insights from Tine Karlsen, CEO & Co-founder at Vev, when she was a guest in B2B SaaS CEOs.

What's the channel that generates the most leads for you right now?

Oh, it's such a boring answer. It is SEO.

Finding the Hype: A Strategic Approach

Our product caters to a horizontal market, making it applicable across various verticals. To capitalize on this versatility, we delve into the exciting realms of emerging trends and high-demand use cases. By identifying what captures the imagination of designers and enterprises, we curate articles that provide insights, best practices, and a roadmap on how to turn those ideas into reality.

The Perfect Synergy: Tools and Techniques

What sets us apart is our ability to use our own tool (Vev) to enhance the entire process. We don't just talk about the hype; we empower our audience to bring those ideas to life with our tool. It's a lead machine that not only generates interest but also shortens the conversion time – a winning combination in the competitive landscape.

Designing Success: The Art of Blogging

Beyond the mechanics of SEO, our marketing team has invested significant effort in the design of our blog. Unlike templated processes, we embrace the freedom to infuse creativity into our content. The result? SEO has proven to be more than just a traffic driver; it's a catalyst for meaningful engagement and conversions.


Listen to the whole interview with Tine Karlsen - CEO & Co-founder at Vev - in B2B SaaS CEOs podcast where Tine and Josef discussed how they use SEO to get more leads, the topic of Tine's choice: Being a mother and a founder, Vev's best Go-to-Market strategies, some "must read" books, and much more.

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