Become a sales professional using video daily in 2022


We're fast-approaching a time in which video will be the standard for all communication. In 2022, we predict that more than 50% of all meetings and conversations will take place through video. A new screen recording browser extension called Vaam was built specifically for closing more sales utilizing video. 

Vaam has launched and is already helping sales professionals get ahead of the curve by providing them with an easy way to conduct video sales calls from their desktop or laptop browsers. Want to know the best part? It's completely safe and free to use!

So, if you’re ready to take your sales revenue to the next level in 2022, you are in the right spot!

Why Video Is No Longer “Optional” For Sales Professionals in 2022

Here’s the deal, we are in a crisis both with the looming pandemic as well as the industry-wide push to keep employees remote. While remote employees do cut costs for employers, it creates yet another hurdle for sales professionals to cut through the decision maker “gate-keepers” and other key networking assets. We want something that will get us more deals during this hard economic climate and distinguish ourselves from other messages, emails or noise in the industry. 

It can be difficult though because prospects' inboxes are going to keep getting bigger with all these spam messages so standing out becomes increasingly more challenging by yourself too. If your team isn’t using video then that should change now if your goal is still closing deals while being able bring attention-grabbing footage into a prospective customers’ actionable agenda. 

Vaam Is Your New Go-To Video Sales Partner

Successful B2B sales is rooted in good relationship building, executives and decision makers get bombarded with faceless texts, calls and emails on a daily basis from random sales staff. There is just no incentive for you to get a response if there is nothing connecting with the recipient in your message. People do business with people, not with random emails and calls. 

Video naturally creates an intimate connection, person to person, face to face, seeing smiles, eyes and emotions. Vaam creates a trusting sales environment to build a meaningful business relationship, ultimately closing more sales. 

Remember, people invest in people, they buy PASSION and you can't show your passion with text based or email driven sales calls. 

How Vaam Creates More Sales

Engagement: Video is not just hot, it's the most effective form of content. And you'd agree that cold-calling and other outreach methods are not always appealing approaches to making connections with prospects or clients, they lack engagement at a high level. Sales videos can help spice up your game because viewers have a much better chance to become engaged in your visual communication!

The Human Factor: Conventional outreach methods lack a human factor. When you reach out to prospects through an email or presentation, there is no empathy for the process and people can feel disconnected from what's happening in their own lives. Personalized video content allows your recipient to connect on a more personal level with you.

Time Is Money: Your and your prospect’s time is important. You wouldn't want to spend hours or days creating a presentation, only for it not to produce desired results! That's why with Vaam you can create template videos that can be sent automatically to many prospects at once.  It only takes a few minutes (instead of hours), saving both parties valuable resources in this digital era where every minute counts.

Always Be Closing: One of the most important steps in growing a business is convincing customers that they should buy from you. Potential clients won't become actual ones until it's clear what makes your company so special. Vaam uses sales videos to provide an excellent way of conveying your pitch because video production can portray emotion, period. 

How Vaam Is Any Better Than What You Already Use?

You might be thinking, “I already use video every day”. Yes, but we're going to go out on a limb and assume you are using a standard live video conferencing software like Zoom or similar. With Zoom (and its competitors) there is a giant hole in their platform, that's the ability to connect with clients offline, in personal video communication that can be sent as messages. Sure, you are attending video conferences with colleagues, but you are not getting sales meetings with your current video conference platform. Vaam takes your text based cold pitch and breathes life into landing that first meeting. 

Your “Cold Call” Just Got Personalized!

With Vaam, you can create short, personalized pitches to connect and create bonds with your potential clients. Start with a teaser deck and then close the deal with your live pitch deck. Don't know what those are? No worries! Check it out below:

Teaser Deck: A first contact slide presentation of 7-10 slides that allow for the initial contact to “tease” how your product can solve their problem along with a call to action to book a live presentation. 

Pitch Deck: A pitch deck is a scheduled meeting presentation 12-18 slides where you can truly engage in real-time (live) with your prospect. This is where you have your opportunity to connect and close with your prospective client. 

Vaam is an excellent way for prospects to feel connected and understand what they are getting themselves into before making any commitments, which is why all professionals should adopt this method of communication. Vaam leaves no room for uncertainty or miscommunication, because there are no guessing games.  

Place your products features up front so everyone involved knows exactly where their money needs go when budget discussions come around later down the line. Vaam Integrates with LinkedIn, Figma, Zapify, Calendy, emails as well as embedded into web pages, allowing you to personalize your message and ensure a higher clickthrough rate. 


Vaam started with the mission of helping professionals communicate in an efficient and more personal way, while also getting through to their customers.

Vaam is the perfect tool for streamlining your communication at work, school and virtual social groups. Vaamin' with a machine-like efficiency that goes beyond inefficient meetings or long emails--we create interactive videos so you can share thoughts in real time without ever having to leave home.

Do you want to book more meetings and increase sales?

Automate your outreach with LinkedIn, email, phone, and automated personalized video by using Vaam.

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