B2B Sales Slump? Screen Recording Is Your New Sales Partner!


Have you noticed that your sales have been slumping lately? It might be time to look for a new tool and think outside the box. Let’s have a chat about screen recording technology and how it can boost your sales strategy into the success trajectory that you have been looking for. In a digital-first world, many businesses have found new ways to not only maintain their performance but improve it drastically. Screen recording is the perfect solution for B2B sales professionals who are looking to boost their productivity and increase their revenue. 

In a time where remote employees are the new normal, you need to step up your sales strategies with technology that puts your sales pitch ahead of the competition with personalized, passionate sales presentations. But, with all the latest tech, what’s working? What isn't working? Don't want another paid tool?  We get it, and because of that we decided to put together this resource to help ease your mind and point you in the right direction when it comes to B2B sales strategies. 

Our blog post will tell you all about how it can help close deals faster than ever before! Stay tuned! 

What is Screen Recording?

Screen recording simply put, is ​​the ability via software to capture the video of your computer screen. Screen recordings are a great way to teach or demonstrate to your audience. Some common uses include tutorials, how-to videos, training and coaching videos, or video lessons.

The idea behind screen recording is simple, however,  what are the results when you incorporate screen recording into your sales strategy? The results are, well, simply amazing!

By incorporating personalized video with screen recording leads sales reps to increased cold email replies, more pitch meetings booked and higher sales revenue, a result that any sales professional wants to see. When you breathe life into an otherwise dead cold text-driven email with screen recording, you get an almost instant focus from your prospect, rather than a quick click sending your email into the trash bin. 

All of this sounds intriguing, but, what's working and how do you get started? Ready to learn more about how this simple tool from Vaam can boost your sales? Let’s keep going!

Why Does Screen Recording Increase B2B Sales?

While a great screen recording extension like Vaam is available, it's important to understand just what exactly these tools do to enhance sales. Look, there is no getting around it, people are working remote and meeting via online video more than ever before. Businesses are no longer seeing remote employees as an “option” but rather a necessity in this ever changing socially distanced society. 

The good news is that people are able to cold call and reach contacts quicker than ever before. BUt, that's where that sales success ends for most reps. Why are sales not closing? Why are pitch meetings not getting booked? Sales are still down! Why? The answer is simple, traditional calls and emails lack passion, and passion closes deals.

Calls and emails lack YOU, they lack your excitement, your technical demonstrations and the passion you exude when you explain your product and how it will dramatically improve their bottom line and/or systems in place. It's easy to overlook the importance of your team and what they do. The reality is, without their ability to present on-screen material you would never be able to secure certain contracts. Screen Recording software changes all of this. When you are able to put a live face with your pitch, you breathe life into a sales presentation.

With a screen recording extension like Vaam incorporated into your sales strategy, you can offer the following improvements:

  • Capture all (or any) portion of your screen into the recording. 
  • Use a face cam to create a personalized picture-in-picture addition to your presentation. 
  • Add your live voice with your face to explain and engage as you present. 
  • Create personalized cold video intros via email to have an increased conversion rate beyond traditional emails that get sent straight to the trash bin.
  • Create quick video templates to have on-deck in your Vaam Library to send to clients based on individual needs. 

As you can see, traditional methods are just dates, lack return-on-investment and leave most sales reps frustrated, wondering why they can't close deals and get ahead of their peers in the industry. 

So, it's time to level up your sales strategy and start incorporating an advanced tool like screen recording to get you there. With an ever evolving digital landscape around sales technology, you either learn to adapt and evolve with the industry, or, you get left behind. 

Bottom Line on Screen Recording

B2B sales is lucrative, BUT, only if you are closing deals.  The only thing more powerful than words, are the videos created for each client to show how they can make an impact. Customized screen recordings have changed everything, from engagement rates to sales conversions, because everyone gets a chance at knowing who you really are through video content that's tailored just for your prospect. If you’re a B2B sales professional who feels like your pitches are falling flat, try using Vaam to create more personalized and passionate videos.  Vaam screen recording will allow you to record yourself as if on video conference with the person or company you want to sell to. 

You can also use it for marketing purposes by creating fun teasers for upcoming products or events that people would be interested in learning about. To learn more about how this tool can help take your business from good-to-great contact us today! We are passionate about improving the sales communication process and increasing your sales.

Where To Learn More

So, you get it, you see the power of screen recording, you are on board, and you are ready to make the jump and try this new tech out.  Well, we have great news, it couldn't be easier! 

Simply head over to Vaam.io to learn more, or head straight to the Chrome Extension Store and download the Vaam Chrome Extension to get started. 

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