98. How to work with Account Based Marketing - Markus Ståhlberg (N.Rich)

What you should do to successfully start working with ABM (Account Based Marketing).

Markus Ståhlberg - CEO & Co-founder at N.Rich - in B2B SaaS CEOs.

In this episode we talked about common mistakes companies do re. ABM, the importance of a well-defined ICP, how your competitors "failed customers" can be your best prospects, and much more.


Timeline in the episode:

1:45 - Who is Markus Ståhlberg?

2:40 - N.Rich's elevator pitch.

3:50 - Five quick ones.

7:30 - Why he started N.Rich.

9:40 - External question from Peter Robson Bohm at IDkollen: "In order to benefit enough from ABM, what is your take on our ARPA, length of sales cycle and number of stakeholders per account?"

12:00 - Common mistakes companies do re. account based marketing.

22:20 - Three important things connected to a strong Go-to-Market strategy.

25:30 - N.Rich's customer's AHA-moment?

30:00 - Their best lead-generator the last 6 months.

31:50 - The best way to do outreach to Markus.

33:30 - Closing questions

Markus' company N.Rich helps you start and scale your account-based motion easily without compromising on data quality and global reach.

Read more about N.Rich on: https://n.rich/

Follow Markus Ståhlberg on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mstahlberg/

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