92. The importance of sleep as a leader - Henrik Teisbæk (Veo)

Why you should prioritize sleep!

Listen to Henrik Teisbæk - CEO & Co-founder of Veo - in B2B SaaS CEOs!

We discussed what it takes to scale a supply chain, why you should invest in a viral component in your product, sleep, that you can't control what happen but how you react, and much more.


Timeline in the episode:

2:05 - Who is Henrik Teisbæk?

3:45 - Veo's elevator pitch.

5:30 - The story of Veo.

7:30 - 5 quick ones.

10:00 - What it takes to scale a supply chain.

14:00 - The core of a great GTM-strategy according to Henrik.

17:15 - Veo's best marketing channels.

22:00 - The best way to do outreach to Henrik.

23:00 - External question from Björn Ingmansson at Kognic: "What has changed in your work as a CEO in the rapidly changing technology landscape?"

24:30 - A topic of Henrik's choice: Sleep

28:15 - His favorite book: Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl and also The Advantage by Patrick M. Lencioni.

29:50 - Henrik's favourite life motto.

30:30 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

Henrik's company Veo helps you record and live-stream your team sports matches automatically and take your game a level up.

Read more about Veo on: https://launch.veo.co/

Follow Henrik Teisbæk on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/henrik-teisbaek/

Music in the episode

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