87. The future of marketing - Peder Bonnier (Storykit)

Why video is the future of marketing.

Listen to Peder Bonnier - CEO & Co-founder of Storykit - in B2B SaaS CEOs!

We discussed why you must use video, why the future of marketing is higher and higher frequency, building the product they self needed, Storykit's best marketing channels, and much more.



1:35 - Storykit's elevator pitch.

2:50 - The story of Storykit.

14:30 - 5 quick ones.

16:20 - Video: For everything, for everyone.

18:00 - The future of marketing.

22:45 - External question from Therése Olsson: "I know video is powerful when it comes to sales and marketing, but it would be interesting to hear some concrete numbers regarding exactly HOW much more powerful it is than text?"

26:15 - Storykit's best marketing channels

28:30 - The best way to do outreach to Peder.

31:00 - A topic of Peder's choice: Growth

35:10 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

Peder's company Storykit is a complete AI video creation tool transforming your content into high-performing video.

Read more about Storykit on: https://storykit.io/

Follow Peder Bonnier on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peder-bonnier-0a9105a3/

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