84. Video is the future - Maryam Ghahremani (Bambuser)

The future of commerce is Video.

Listen to Maryam Ghahremani - CEO at Bambuser - in B2B SaaS CEOs!

We discussed why the video is the future, the importance of entertainment, finding a pain → solve the pain → build a relationship, Ikigai, and much more.



1:25 - Who is Maryam Ghahremani?

4:00 - Bambuser's elevator pitch.

5:40 - 5 quick ones.

7:00 - Video is the future of commerce.

15:10 - External question from Julia Söderqvist at Returbo: "How do you see a difference in the adaptiation of the video commerce between different generations, such as boomers and Gen Z?"

19:30 - GTM-strategy: Finding a pain → solve the pain → build a relationship.

25:30 - The best way to do outreach to Maryam.

34:00 - Maryam's book recommendation: Trillion Dollar Coach.

36:00 - A favorite life motto: Ikigai

38:00 - The top things she would tell her younger self.

Maryam's company Bambuser is the #1 video commerce platform, empowering brands with immediate conversion, feedback and engagement from their audience.

Read more about Bambuser on: https://bambuser.com/

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