83. How to sell to enterprises - Anders Svensson (Paligo)

How to sell to enterprises.

Listen to Anders Svensson - CEO & Founder of Paligo - in B2B SaaS CEOs!

We discussed the 3 most important things to think of when selling to enterprises, going global right away, try "everything" to find the right channel for you, why you should reuse content, and much more.



1:20 - Who is Anders Svensson?

3:20 - Paligo's elevator pitch.

6:30 - Why he founded Paligo.

8:30 - The most important thing connect to GTM-strategy.

13:00 - Marketing: Paligo's most important channels.

17:30 - The best way to do outreach to Anders.

19:00 - External question from Alice Holmgren at Adligo: "It seems like you really have figured out a great way to sell to big enterprises. What's the 3 most important things to think of when selling to enterprises according to you?"

27:00 - A topic of Anders' choice: Structured authoring and content reuse.

32:00 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

Anders' company Paligo is an end-to-end Component Content Management System (CCMS) solution for technical documentation, policies and procedures, knowledge management, and more.

Read more about Paligo on: https://paligo.net/

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