81. From young consultant to CEO - Fredrik Demling (Stratsys)

He started at Stratsys as a young consultant for 13 years ago. Now he's the CEO.

Listen to Fredrik Demling from Stratsys in B2B SaaS CEOs.

We discussed Leadership, career tips, how to be a modern employer, why trust is the most important thing connected to GTM, and much more.



1:40 - Who is Fredrik Demling?

3:10 - Stratsys's elevator pitch.

4:50 - From young consultant to CEO - his best tips for you at the beginning of your career.

8:10 - 5 quick ones.

10:10 - External question from Innocent Mugenga at Wanda: "You've had an amazing career progression, but looking back, do you believe there's anything you could've done to optimize your learning journey even more? Is there anything you would've done differently?"

13:15 - Core characteristics for getting promoted.

16:10 - A topic of Fredrik's choice: Be a modern employer.

23:30 - Why trust is the most important thing connected to GTM.

26:20 - Marketing: The channel that generates the most leads for Stratsys right now.

28:40 - The best way to do outreach to Fredrik.

30:45 - Fredrik's book recommendation.

32:20 - His favourite life motto.

33:45 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

Fredrik's company Stratsys makes it easy for you to steer your business and ensure compliance with legal requirements and frameworks.

Read more about Stratsys on: https://www.stratsys.com/

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