79. How to position your product - Sofia Alexus (Kundo)

Sofia Alexus from Kundo in B2B SaaS CEOs.

We discussed how to position your product successfully, Go-to-market strategy, building brand as a SaaS company, time spent in preparation is always time saved in execution, and much more.



1:45 - Who is Sofia?

5:00 - Kundo's elevator pitch.

5:50 - 5 quick ones.

8:00 - Sofia's worst mistakes.

10:40 - External question from Amalia Berglöf at Mpya Digital: "How do you reason about distributing leadership, and first and foremost organizing the organization to scale leadership and ownership of the product(s)?"

14:20 - A topic of Sofia's choice: Go-to-Market strategy.

21:40 - The most simple way how to really listen to your customers.

23:50 - How to build a strong brand as a SaaS company.

27:50 - The best way to do outreach to Sofia.

31:00 - Position the company, not just the product.

32:30 - Why Richard Branson is a big role model for Sofia.

33:50 - The top things she would tell her younger self.

Sofia's company Kundo helps you simplify customer service with consolidated ticket management, AI-tools, and self service solutions for recurring questions.

Read more about Kundo on: https://www.kundo.se/en/

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