71. Outreach special

12 SaaS leaders from some of the Nordics' hottest SaaS companies right now about Outreach.

Listen to when 12 of the previous guests in B2B SaaS CEOs talk about what's the best way to do outreach.



0:55 - Johnny Warström at Mentimeter

2:25 - Viktor Karlsson at Telavox

3:40 - Lena Hackelöer at Brite Payments

6:20 - Nils Olsson at Lime Technologies

8:00 - Oscar Höglund at Epidemic Sound

9:45 - Samir Smajic at GetAccept

11:05 - Kira Unger at PocketLaw

12:10 - Fredrik Skantze at Funnel

13:55 - Petter Hedborg at Modular Finance

15:25 - Anna Gullstrand at Mentimeter

16:15 - Per Åkerberg at Voyado

17:45 - Jeppe Rindom at Pleo

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