54. Accept your mistakes - Baltsar Sahlin (Mynt)

Accept your mistakes, don't pretend as it haven't happened and just continue working.

Baltsar Sahlin, CEO & Co-founder at Mynt, in B2B SaaS CEOs.

We're talking about mistakes, building a successful B2B go-to-market machine, the fields they are looking into AI for their business, KPIs, and much more.



1:35 - Mynt's elevator pitch.

2:35 - Who is Baltsar Sahlin?

4:15 - The story of Mynt.

5:45 - 5 quick ones.

6:30: The top ways Mynt think about AI for their business.

7:40 - Top KPIs for Mynt.

10:10 - Best practices for building a Go-to-Market machine.

14:00 - External questions from Ronny Ågren at Tendium: "How should one think when developing a B2B sales organization that caters to both an SME segment and an Enterprise segment?"

16:35 - The best way to do outreach to Baltsar.

17:30 - A fun fact about Baltsar.

18:10 - One of the biggest business mistakes he has made - accept your mistakes.

20:25 - A topic of Baltsar's choice - Reading books.

22:40 - Is he a good leader?

23:25 - Superpower as a leader.

24:30 - External questions from Belgin Alalinli at Unquo: "What has been the biggest challenge in leadership when the company went from being a startup to a growth company and have you, as the founder, found it difficult to let go of control and delegate?"

26:30 - The worst thing about being a leader.

28:30 - Leadership is all about being authentic.

30:00 - Top things he would tell himself.

30:35 - Where Mynt will be in 5 years.

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