53. Use the 4-fits framework - Christophe Pasquier (Slite)

An episode with a lot of product talk!

Christophe Pasquier, the CEO & Founder of Slite, in B2B SaaS CEOs.

We're talking about the 4-fits framework, how they use AI, what KPIs that's the most important, pricing and much more.



1:25 - Slite's elevator pitch.

2:05 - Who is Christophe Pasquier?

2:45 - The story of Slite.

4:45 - 5 quick ones.

5:20: The top ways Slite works with AI

7:00 - Top KPIs for Slite.

9:30 - Best practices for Go-to-Market strategies.

11:45 - External questions from Linda Wennerström at Momang: "How have you approached the process of finding the optimal price for your SaaS product?"

14:00 - What sales channels work the best?

16:30 - The best way to do outreach to Chris.

17:10 - Is Christophe a good leader?

18:20 - Superpower as a leader.

19:15 - The worst things as a leader, and how to stay on top of it.

21:10 - External questions from Hampus Persson, co-founder of Vaam: "During the last few months, we've seen companies around the world walk back on their remote work policies, forcing workers back to the office. Slite has been remote first since before it was cool. How will the back-to-the-office impact you?"

23:30 - Leadership is all about Care.

24:00 - Top things to Chris would tell his younger self.

Christophe Pasquier's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophepasquier/

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