51. How to sell to enterprises - Thor Olof Philogène (Stravito)

How to sell to enterprises - get concrete details of building a setup for winning Fortune 500 companies as a customer,

Thor Olof Philogène, the CEO & Co-founder of Stravito, is joining B2B SaaS CEOs.

We're talking about How to sell to enterprises, the importance of positioning, essential KPIs, powerful go-to-market strategies, big mistakes, and much more.



1:25 - Stravito's elevator pitch.

2:20 - Who is Thor Olof Philogène?

4:15 - The story of Stravito.

7:00 - 5 quick ones.

8:00 - Top KPIs for Stravito.

11:00 - Best practices for Go-to-Market strategies for a scaleup.

14:20 - Earlier mistakes they made with their Go-to-Market strategy.

17:35 - What sales channels work the best?

19:45 - The best way to do outreach to Thore is through social selling.

20:50 - The biggest business mistakes he has made.

22:20 - A topic of Thore's choice - How we interact with data and knowledge.

25:30 - External question from Marc Hillander at Zuuvi: "What is your thought on the challenge with today’s economic situation that many SaaS companies have to convert to profitability, and how do you do it today?"

28:20 - Is Thore a good leader?

29:15 - Superpower as a leader.

31:40 - The worst things about being a leader and how you stay on top of it.

33:30 - Leadership is all about Integrity.

35:30 - Top things to tell yourself.

37:00 - Where Stravito will be in 5 years.

Thor Olof Philogène's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thorolof/

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