50. Delegated leadership - Maria Börjesson (Visma Software)

Delegated leadership - unlocked the full potential of your company!

Maria Börjesson, the CEO of Visma Software, is joining B2B SaaS CEOs.

We're talking about how to work with delegated leadership, how to be a good leader, what KPIs that's the most important, big mistakes, business development,  and much more.



1:30 - What is Visma Software?

2:30 - Who is Maria Börjesson?

3:45 - 5 quick ones.

4:25 - Is Maria a good leader?

7:40 - The worst things about being a leader.

5:20 - Superpowers as a leader.

11:15 - Leadership is all about Empowerment.

11:45 - Maria's biggest mistakes - connected to recruitment.

13:45 - A topic of Maria's choice (Delegated leadership).

19:30 - External question from Axel Zetterman at Telavox: "I saw that you have more than 20 years within financial services and IT. If you were to speculate, how do you think this sector will change in the coming 20 years with AI and other technologies?"

21:30 - Top KPIs for Visma Software.

23:30 - Best practices for Go-to-Market, according to Maria.

27:00 - How to do outreach to Maria.

31:30 - The top things she would tell her younger self.

32:55 - Where Visma Software will be in 5 years.

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