5. Ola Sars (Soundtrack Your Brand)

"My vision now is to build the most profitable music company in the world🌎"

Soundtrack are huge within music for businesses with over 58M songs, are doing $20M in ARR, and have now found their strategy to grow really fast🚀

In this episode, we talk about how Ola "got his sh*t together" after 5 years as a B2B SaaS CEO by:

  • Really understanding what type of company they were
  • How to build the right product stack
  • Understand the right GTM strategy

We also talk about💡

  • Ola's vision regarding building the most profitable music company in the world
  • Soundtrack Your Brands biggest challenges right now
  • How the market for startups/scaleups drastically has changed in the last months
  • Leadership
  • The most important KPIs
  • And much more...
Music in the episode

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