49. Simplify things - Daniel Johansson (Wint)

Simplify things, and you'll increase your chances of success.

Daniel Johansson, CEO at Wint,  where we're talking about how AI will change the work, KPIs, go-to-market strategies, the importance of a very narrow customer focus, why building a brand is key, and much more.



1:45 - Wint's elevator pitch.

1:55 - Who is Daniel Johansson?

5:15 - 5 quick ones.

6:20 - Top KPIs for Wint.

8:45 - Best practices for Go-to-Market.

8:55 - Narrow your target group.

10:15 - Build your brand early on.

12:00 - Earlier mistakes they made with their Go-to-Market strategy.

14:00 - How to do cold outreach to Daniel.

15:40 - The biggest business mistakes he has made.

17:20 - A topic of Daniel's choice (Simplify things).

21:45 - External question from Sophie Hedestad: "Do you use any framework for your goals and objectives today? And how do you think you could optimize this even more for you?"

23:20 - Is he a good leader?

25:30 - Superpower as a leader.

27:20 - The worst things about being a leader and how to handle it.

28:15 - Leadership is all about Inspiration.

29:45 - Top things to tell yourself.

30:10 - Where Wint will be in 5 years.

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