48. Nail it before you scale it - Søren Gøtterup-Tang (Weply)

They have gone from 3 people to almost 100 in just a few years.

And it starts with nailing before scaling!

Listen to an episode with Søren Gøtterup-Tang, the CEO at Weply, where we're talking about how the importance of sales, go-to-market strategies, his biggest mistakes, and much more.


We're talking about:

1:45 - Weply's elevator pitch.

2:20 - Who is Søren Gøtterup-Tang?

3:15 - The story of Weply.

7:25 - 5 quick ones.

8:30 - Top KPIs for Weply.

11:20 - Best practices for Go-to-Market.

15:45 - Common mistakes with Go-to-Market strategies (Scaling before nailing).

17:55 - How to do cold outreach to Søren.

19:00 - The worst business mistakes he has made.

20:45 - A topic of Søren's choice (Chat).

23:00 - External question from Anna Kalm at Ascentic:"What would you say are the most important leadership qualities to lead a scaleup through good times vs bad?"

24:45 - Is he a good leader?

25:45 - Superpower as a leader.

26:15 - An odd thing regarding leadership (Pancakes to everybody)

27:20 - The worst things about being a leader?

28:45 - Leadership is all about People.

30:15 - Top things to tell yourself.

32:00 - Where Weply will be in 5 years.

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