46. Problem-oriented outreach - Peter Beckman (Treyd)

Problem-oriented outreach has really been Treyd's key in their Go-to-market machinery!

Listen to an episode pumped with a lot of concrete and great value with Peter Beckman, the CEO & Co-founder of Treyd.

We're talking about how to create a strong Go-to-market strategy, which KPIs that's most important, big mistakes, business development, leadership, and much more.



1:25 - Treyd's elevator pitch.

2:20 - Who is Peter Beckman?

3:10 - The story of why and how Treyd was founded.

7:00 - 5 quick ones.

8:10 - Top KPIs for Hitta.

11:30 - Peter's best Go-to-Market strategies.

15:30 - Mistakes connect to GTM.

18:40 - The best way to do cold outreach to Niklas.

21:30 - A topic of Peter's choice (Space race).

23:30 - External question from my Mikke Selander at ZAZY Agency:"What has been the biggest challenge regarding getting customers to understand what you selling and why they need it?"

25:20 - Is he a good leader?

26:30 - His top superpower as a leader.

27:30 - An odd thing regarding leadership.

29:50 - The worst things about being a leader.

31:20 - Leadership is all about Trust.

33:10 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

33:55 - Where Treyd will be in 5 years.

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