45. The key word is Why - Niklas Grawé (Hitta.se)

Everything boils down to the Why!

Listen to an inspiring episode with Niklas Grawé, the CEO at Hitta.se, where we're talking about how the importance of Why in many different aspects, AI, big mistakes, business development, leadership, and much more.


We're talking about:

1:20 - Hitta.se's elevator pitch.

3:35 - Top KPIs for Hitta.

05:50 - Niklas' best Go-to-Market strategies.

09:30 - Mistakes connect to GTM.

11:20 - The best way to do cold outreach to Niklas.

13:45 - A fun fact about him.

15:10 - Biggest mistakes? (Recruiting)

16:20 - A topic of Niklas' choice (SMEs).

19:10 - External question from my co-founder Hampus Persson:"AI - it’s a hot topic. What do you see is the most relevant starting point with AI + Hitta?”

20:30 - Is he a good leader?

22:00 - His top superpowers as a leader.

23:20 - An odd thing regarding leadership.

25:15 - The worst things about being a leader.

26:30 - Leadership is all about Why.

28:50 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

29:50 - Where Hitta.se will be in 5 years.

Music in the episode

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