43. How to create a strong Go-to-Market strategy - Per Åkerberg (Voyado)

This is an episode I really wish I had heard 2,5 years ago when I founded Vaam.

He's been a SaaS leader for over 20 years, and he really knows the craft of running a SaaS company.

Now Per's the CEO at Voyado, and we're talking about how to create a strong Go-to-Market strategy, his biggest mistakes, business development, leadership, and much more.



1:30 - Voyado's elevator pitch.

3:00 - The story of why and how Per ended up as CEO at Voyado.

5:40 - Per's top KPIs.

10:00 - How to create a strong Go-to-Market strategy.

14:45- His biggest GTM mistake.

16:30 - The best way to do cold outreach to Per.

18:10 - Biggest mistakes? (Within recruitments)

19:45 - A topic of Per's choice (Love for the Scandinavian SaaS community).

22:45 - External question from Anna Åslund at Asker Technologies: "AI, and more precisely generative AI and ChatGPT, seems to be the buzzword on everyone's lips right now. How do you think AI will change your industry in the near future, and what are you doing at Voyado to keep up with this development?"

25:00 - Is Per a good leader?

25:50 - His top superpowers as a leader.

28:00 - An odd thing regarding leadership.

30:00 - The worst things about being a leader.

32:00 - Leadership is all about Positive Energy.

33:45 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

35:45 - Where Voyado will be in 5 years.

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