40. Find ways to trial and error quickly - Henrik Jakobson (Hailey HR)

He hired 5 AE's before having a ready product to sell!

Henrik from Hailey HR joins the podcast and we're talking about the importance of trial and error quickly, his learnings from building five different companies, business development, leadership, and much more.

Listen to the episode with Henrik Jakobson from Hailey HR.



1:30 - Hailey HR's elevator pitch.

2:25 - The story of how Henrik founded Hailey.

5:25 - Is Henrik a good leader?

6:25 - His top superpowers as a leader.

8:25 - Hiring 5 AE's before having a done product to show.

10:15 - The worst things about being a leader and how Henrik tackles it.

11:50 - Leadership is all about Time.

13:30 - A fun fact - he sold condoms at high school.

15:15 - Biggest mistakes?

18:00 - A topic of Henrik's choice (Going broad or going deep with your product).

22:00 - External question from Linnéa Ögren at Ung Företagsamhet Västernorrland: "Can you give some examples of how an HR department is modernized when they start with Hailey? And then also, can you quickly share some best practices to make these modernizations actually become a reality?”

24:45 - Hailey HR's top KPIs.

26:25 - His best GTM strategy advice for a startup.

27:20 - The best way to do cold outreach to Henrik.

29:10 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

31:20 - Where Hailey will be in 5 years.

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