38. People & culture - Lena Hackelöer (Brite Payments)

Everything boils down to people in the end!

Listen to an inspiring episode with Lena Hackelöer from Brite Payments.



1:20 - Brite Payment's elevator pitch.

2:00 - The story of how the idea of Brite was born.

4:40 - Is Lena a good leader?

6:00 - Lena's superpowers as a leader.

8:25 - An odd thing that has had a big impact.

9:50 - How Lena tackles the worst things about being a leader.

12:00 - Leadership is all about Ambiguity.

13:00 - A fun fact about Lena.

14:00 - One of Lena's biggest mistakes in business.

15:40 - A topic of Lena's choice (Culture).

19:40 - External question from Matt Bergström at Techover Talent: "Brite is already in 24 European markets - What's your secret when expanding a SaaS company to a new market?"

21:40 - Brite's top KPIs and why they chose them.

23:40 - GTM strategies for a startup.

26:40 - The best way to do cold outreach to Lena.

29:45 - The three things she would tell her younger self.

33:20 - Where Brite will be in 5 years.

Music in the episode

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