37. Bootstrapped & very profitable - Petter Hedborg (Modular Finance)

He's the CEO & Founder of one of Sweden's most profitable SaaS companies (source: Breakit) that also is bootstrapped!

Listen to an inspiring episode with Petter Hedborg from Modular Finance.



1:25 - Modular Finance's elevator pitch.

3:25 - The story of the beginning of Modular Finance.

6:20 - The battle of the share books of the stock companies.

10:10 - Modular Finance's top KPIs.

12:10 - Petter's best GTM strategies advice for a startup.

15:35 - The best way to do cold outreach to Petter.

17:55 - A fun fact about Petter.

18:50 - Biggest mistakes?

21:00 - A topic of Petter's choice (Sportfishing).

24:30 - External question from Jenisse Mendoza: "If everything you created in your life so far were to disappear and you were left with only one lesson or trait you learned that could help humanity succeed, what lesson would it be?"

27:15 - Is Petter a good leader?

28:40 - His top superpowers as a leader.

31:00 - The worst things about being a leader and how Petter tackles it.

33:00 - Leadership is all about Respect.

34:00 - The top things he would tell his younger self.

35:50 - Where Modular Finance will be in 5 years.

Music in the episode

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