36. Figure out your revenue machine - Lars Grønnegaard (Dreamdata)

They are on a mission to help B2B Go-to-market teams to figure out their revenue machines.

Listen to a great episode with Lars Grønnegaard from Dreamdata.



1:35 - Dreamdata's elevator pitch.

2:20 - The story of how Dreamdata was born.

07:50 - GTM strategies for a startup.

11:40 - Dreamdata's top KPIs and why they chose them.

14:30 - The best way to do cold outreach to Lars.

17:10 - A fun fact about Lars.

17:55 - One of Lars' biggest mistakes in business.

20:25 - A topic of Lars's choice (Go-to-Market data).

23:10 - External question from Thibaud Hartwig from OrganAise: "What is the most common strategic change you see your customers take on after they have reached the AHAA moment using your software?"

25:35 - Is he a good leader?

26:45 - Lars' superpowers as a leader.

28:40 - The worst things about being a leader and how he tackles them.

31:20 - Leadership is all about Empowering.

32:00 - The three things he would tell her younger self.

33:40 - Dreamdata's big 5-year goal.

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