35. Not focusing is dangerous - Hanna Asmussen (Localyze)

Not focusing enough in the beginning was about to turn dangerous. But now they're growing fast!

Listen to a great episode with Hanna from Localyze.



1:30 - Localyze's elevator pitch.

2:00 - The beginning of Localyze.

3:40 - Is Hanna a good leader?

5:15 - Hanna's three superpowers as a leader.

8:30 - Performance management and assuring goals

10:30 - Leadership is all about Direction.

11:40 - A fun fact about Hanna.

12:25 - One of Hanna's biggest mistakes in business - not focusing in the beginning.

14:20 - A topic of Hanna's choice (Immigration).

28:40 - External question from Daniel Theander: "Are different tax systems in the world something that limits your business and development? I mean, we can live and work digitally with the same conditions. Often there can be limitations when it comes to different countries' tax systems."

22:25 - Localyze's top KPIs and why they chose them.

26:20 - GTM strategies for a startup - Sales Market Fit.

28:00 - The best way to do cold outreach to Hanna.

29:10 - The three things she would tell her younger self.

31:30 - Localyze's big hairy audacious goal

Music in the episode

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