34. The power of storytelling - Oscar Höglund (Epidemic Sound)

He's one of the best storytellers I've ever met!

This episode with Oscar Höglund from Epidemic Sound focused a lot on storytelling and resilience. And of course, we dive deep into Leadership, Business Development, and several other parts.



1:20 - Epidemic Sound's elevator pitch.

2:40 - The story of the beginning of Epidemic Sound.

10:00 - Two critical things to being a good leader.

12:30 - Oscar's three superpowers as a leader.

15:30 - The power of admitting you don't know.

18:00 - How to tackle the hardest thing as a leader - own your endorphins.

24:30 - A fun fact about Oscar.

26:30 - A topic of Oscar's choice (Oldschool non-digital problem-solving).

28:40 - External question from Jenny Clark at Hailey HR: "I would love to hear your thoughts on keeping/developing the great company culture while growing to new markets? We just recently grew from only targeting the Swedish market to 5 new markets – we want to keep the Hailey feeling. Any tips?"

31:30 - External question from Arvid Qvarnström at Telavox: "How much does the initial idea from 2009 differ from today's concept? (And what has been your greatest milestone?)"

34:30 - Epidemic's top KPIs and why they chose them.

37:00 - Understand the value chain in your market.

39:20 - The best way to do cold outreach to Oscar.

41:20 - The three things he would tell his younger self.

43:00 - Where Epidemic Sound will be in 5 years (soundtracking the Universe).

Music in the episode

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