30. Start with sales - Fredrik Rönnlund (Leadoo)

Conversations in sales - Leadoo's picking up speed within that!

Fredrik Rönnlund is the CEO at Leadoo who right now is leading a team of almost 100 people with the goal of, in five years, being the world leading conversational platform, doing €100M in ARR, and being 500 colleagues.



1:20 - Leadoo's elevator pitch.

2:45 - How Fredrik ended up at Leadoo.

04:05 - Is Fredrik a good leader?

05:10 - His core strengths as a leader

07:00 - An odd thing Fredrik, in his leadership

08:00 - The worst thing about being a leader, according to Fredrik

11:00 - A fun fact about Fredrik - he's been a male escort in Japan

12:30 - A topic of Fredrik's choice (Internet)

15:00 - External question from Mikke Selander at Zazy: Your three best tips to spark sales in 2023?

19:30 - Top KPIs

24:00 - His best Go-to-market strategies

26:00 - The best cold outreach Fredrik experienced

28:15 - The top three things Fredrik would tell his younger self.

31:10 - Where Leadoo will be in 5 years.

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