29. The possibilities of AI - Bastian Karweg (Dealfront)

Earlier, they pivoted - and now they've just secured a €180M investment and merged Echobot with Leadfeeder!

Bastian is the Group CEO of Dealfront that right now is leading 330+ people with the goal of, in five years, doing €100M in ARR and being over 1000 colleagues.



1:00 - Echobot's elevator pitch.

2:00 - The merge with Leedfeeder and the investment of €180M.

7:45 - How they ended up with the idea of Echobot.

9:45 - The transition of their pivot

11:00 - A fun fact about Bastian

13:00 - Is Bastian a good leader?

13:45 - Two of his superpowers as a leader

17:00 - The worst thing about being a leader, according to Bastian

21:30 - A topic of Bastian's choice (Data + AI)

26:00 - KPIs

28:30 - External question from Stina Wernersson: Biggest challenges in working with artificial intelligence today?

31:45 - The best way to do cold outreach to Bastian

34:00 - The top two things Bastian would tell his younger self.

37:00 - Where Echobot will be in 5 years.

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