102. How to work with company data - Pietari Suvanto (Vainu)

Mistakes companies do when working with B2B company data.

Pietari Suvanto - CEO & Co-founder at Vainu - in B2B SaaS CEOs.

We talked about how to work with contact data, social selling as their best lead-generator, the extreme advantage of being a data-focused company, and much more.


Timeline in the episode:

2:00 - Who is Pietari Suvanto?

2:45 - Vainu's elevator pitch.

4:15 - How Vainu is different than their competitors.

6:15 - Five quick ones.

13:15 - Why he started Vainu.

16:15 - common mistakes companies do re. B2B company data

23:30 - External question from Hampus Rosencranz at GVO Media: "What would you say are three classic challenges that stand in the way of success for smaller businesses? And how would you tackle those challenges?

25:50 - External question from Sebastian Lifvin at Startupcoachen: "What is the latest customer insight that made a difference for your business?"

28:00 - Vainu's best lead-generator the last 6 months.

30:10 - The best way to do outreach to Pietari.

32:10 - Closing questions.

Pietari's company Vainu collect and refine B2B company and contact information, and seamlessly integrate it into your CRM. This ensures that you have the data to succeed in sales and marketing in the Nordics.

Read more about Vainu on: https://www.vainu.com/

Follow Pietari Suvanto on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pietari-suvanto-5510064/

Music in the episode

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