101. How you sell through events - Mats Nyberg (Trippus)

How you use events to increase your sales.

Listen to Mats Nyberg - CEO at Trippus - in B2B SaaS CEOs!

We discussed using Event-led as main GTM strategy, small exclusive events vs. big conferences, how you maximize your value from events, and much more.


Timeline in the episode:

2:10 - Who is Mats Nyberg?

4:00 - Trippus' elevator pitch.

6:30 - Five quick ones.

11:15 - Event-led as GTM.

14:00 - Trippus' customer journey and AHA.

21:10 - External question from Malin Björnell at Ulla-Bella: "Let's pretend you're leading a startup that has a couple of customers, but not hundreds yet. What are the 3 - 5 most important things you would focus on connected to Go-to-Market?"

25:00 - Trippus best lead-generator.

30:50 - The best way to do outreach to Mats.

32:30 - Closing questions

Mats' company Trippus helps you get all the tools for creating successful events - from invitations to reports and everything inbetween.

Read more about Trippus on: https://www.trippus.com/

Follow Mats Nyberg on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mats-nyberg-b345814/

Music in the episode

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