100. Focus on brand, influencers and partners - Alina Vandenberghe (Chili Piper)

Episode nr 100! And in this episode Alina Vandenberghe - Co-CEO & Co-founder at Chili Piper - join B2B SaaS CEOs.

We talked about US vs Europe, her journey with Chili Piper, their best lead-generator the last 6 months, what she would tell her younger self, and much more.

Timeline in the episode:

2:10 - Who is Alina Vandenberghe?

4:10 - Chili Piper's elevator pitch.

5:30 - Five quick ones.

10:00 - Why she and her co-founder/husband started Chili Piper.

13:40 - GTM strategy: Brand, influencers and partners.

23:20 - Chili Piper's customer's AHA-moment.

25:10 - The best way to do outreach to Alina.

27:25 - External question from Mikael Arndt at Closers Only:"I would love to hear your three to five best practices for making your salespeople better than the average market. What does the team do on a daily basis to win the battle of having the very best sales reps?"

31:30 - Closing questions.

Alina's company Chili Piper helps you qualify, route, and schedule leads from anywhere — be it your webform, cold calls, campaigns, G2 page, and more. This leads to more meetings booked and more pipeline created.

Read more about Chili Piper on: https://www.chilipiper.com/

Follow Alina Vandenberghe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alinav/

Music in the episode

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