Use Vaam with Zaplify

October 1, 2021

Zaplify helps you automate your sales around exploration and outreach, while Vaam is a video communication tool to make sales pitches and customer communication more engaging. While there's a risk for email outreaches to be perceived as cold and not personal, video is one of the basis for building relationships and generating sales, which makes the collaboration a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Why use the integration?

All Zaplify users can use the integration to easily embed a GIF with their vaams in any email outreach. Here are three reasons why you should use the integration:

  • Reason 1: Sending personalized messages is now scalable!
  • Reason 2: 80% of customers remember a video they've viewed in the past month.
  • Reason 3: Sending previews of videos in emails drastically increase the click-through rates.

How does the integration work in practice?

The Vaam integration in Zaplify allows you to embed the vaam as a GIF in your outreach email. This means that you don't have to send the vaam URL ( on its own. And as mentioned in the article 'How to use Vaam in emails': sending full URLs increases your spam score and risk you being sent to the spam folder instead.

The Zaplify integration

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