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Video as a message

Make your sales pitches and customer communication more engaging. Safe and free to use.

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Let your vaams reflect your brand

Vaam show your brand

With Vaam Pro you are able to add your logotype and your brand colors to the vaams that you send out.

Vaam call to action

The Call-To-Action feature lets you push your viewer to take action on your prefered next step wether it’s to book meetings, sign up for a newsletter, fill out a form or make a purchase.

Vaam background color

Go either with your screen or use your brands colors as a background, and record without having to show your browser or any tabs.

Engagement insights

Every time someone watches or interacts with your vaam, you’ll get notified. You will see how your vaam is performing with tips on how to convert better.

Vaam engagement insights
Vaam chrome plugin

Easy to use

On average it takes under 1 minute to set up Vaam and start recording. Our chrome plugin is a quick way to record from any page in your browser with one simple click.

All our data and services are hosted in carbon-neutral data centers, with the goal of being carbon-free by 2030.

Vaam is made for you

Include a personal touch to your emails and calls by sending a genuine vaam introducing yourself.

Include Vaam in your sales funnels and keep your network warm and happy at all times.

Use Vaam to share what you have to offer with the world.

Showcase and pitch your product to investors, prospects and partners.

Introduce yourself to new contacts with a personal vaam to express yourself and your services much clearer.

Record internal training and videos for your employees and teams.

Communicate with and support your customers in a more empathetic and personal way.

It takes a second to start recording your screen and yourself, to quickly send your vaams in any channel.

Record and share your insight with your teams for more success.

Jonatan Brekke

In less than one week, Vaam helped us sign one of our dream clients.

Lazlo Toth
LT Ingenjörsbyrå

Once you've recorded and sent 5-10 vaams, you'll get a lot of feedback and then really start to realize its worth.

Closers Only

We use Vaam in all our recruitment processes and save a lot of time to find the right candidates

Very fun, smooth and personal communications tool where your personality is conveyed in it's whole with an efficiency which only is possible in the digital space. Go Vaam!  

Easy and powerful tool to share your screen and record yourself at the same time. It is nice to just make an explanation once. Then it is there for show over and over again. I use if for short presentation, information sharing and short "how to..."

Anna Borgslycka

Instead of SMS, I like to send a more personal message with vaam. The greeting & response rate increases significantly!

Martin Thelin

Perfect if you want to create video material with a personal face while showing a "how to" or a product demo via screen sharing.

The best thing with Vaam is the simplicity. To be able to reach out with your message to many, and do it in a fun, useable and efficient way is something me and my clients appreciate much.

Send a vaam, to avoid writing long boring nuanced text messages, emails, to save time calling and get hold of a specific person. Connect with your calendar, so that the recipient can book according to their wishes. The list is long of uses for Vaam!

Marley Kaplan

I’m loving having this Vaam 60 second pitch url to send out! It’s so useful to share with potential investors, collaborators, and even friends & family to share what I’m up to!

Henrik Hansing

Easy to use, great UX and affordable pricing for anyone who cares about their results

Vaam makes it possible for me to send messages capturing the right feeling and expression, instead of text messages which can sometimes be misunderstood.

Really flexible tool that I use daily!

Vaam is a perfect tool for so many uses! I use it in FAQs, information emails and sales!

Lazlo Toth

"Once you've recorded and sent 5-10 vaams, you'll get a lot of feedback and then really start to realize its worth."

Lazlo Toth

Founder, LT Ingenjörsbyrå

"In less than one week, Vaam helped us sign one of our dream clients."

Jonatan Brekke

co-founder, Techonomic

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