Video messaging for Sales

Close more deals and book more meetings in quick and personalized ways.

Book more meetings

Stand out in your prospect's inbox by adding a vaam to your email.

Make it even better by branding your video preview with your prospect's logo. Or start your video from your prospect's LinkedIn page for an even more personal touch.

Combine your personalized intro with a pre-recorded demo and add a conversion point to it. Hyper-personalized, yet only less than 60 seconds of manual work.

Close more deals

Let's skip the need of repeating yourself moving forward.

This could be the end of extra meetings with an array of different decision-makers. By including vaams in your sales process your customers will get that "Aha-moment" before they even know it.

Work personalized and automated

Vaam integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Upsales, LinkedIn, Gmail, and many more of your favorite tools.

All the data from Vaam is automatically synced back into your CRM and can be used to trigger automated tasks or workflows.

Using Vaam will save you time and help you close more deals.

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"We use Vaam in all our recruitment processes and save a lot of time to find the right candidates."

Madeleine Arndt

Closers Only

"The best thing with Vaam is the simplicity. To be able to reach out with your message to many, and do it in a fun, useable and efficient way is something me and my clients appreciate much."

Simone Bengtsson


"The conversion increase on one essential step of the sales funnel has been quite significant with Vaam"

Sven Lackinger


"Vaam makes it possible for me to send messages capturing the right feeling and expression, instead of text messages which can sometimes be misunderstood."

Jeanette Rudholm


"To be very personal and direct in our communication with prospects and customers makes a huge different. We know that several new deals is partly thanks to Vaam"

Erik Skoting

PE Accounting

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