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August 3, 2021

First, we used Loom for some time. After that, we used Vidyard for some time. We’ve jumped between the two American competitors a lot because there were always issues. We have been using Vaam for some time now, and this morning my colleague sent me a text saying: “I just want to tell you that Vaam is amazing 👍!”. This is what Laszlo Toth, founder of LT Ingenjörsbyrå in Borås, told us during an interview.

✍️ The Success of the Side Project: LT Ingenjörsbyrå

Laszlo Toth is from the city of Borås who studied to become an energy engineer as soon as he graduated high school. It was then he realized that energy only was a small part of building and construction and decided to pursue that instead. He initially started LT Ingenjörsbyrå as a side project that was only supposed to have a turnover of 30 000 SEK. However, as soon as he launched, projects started to pour in and the company has been growing substantially ever since. One of the keys to his success is that they have a win-win situation with architectural students where Laszlo provides internships as a learning opportunity, which in turn leads to them having much fewer costs than larger agencies, and thus can take a lower price while still keeping their margins.

🚀 Vaam has been implemented everywhere

Laszlo and his company have certainly embraced the many opportunities which video provides and have now implemented Vaam in all areas that text can be replaced with video. He emphasized how well it works with educational material for onboarding, clear communication with his consultants, and in the sales processes with potential clients.

Since LT Ingenjörsbyrå is a very data-driven company, one thing can be said for certain: they have become much more efficient in their work because of video.

⭐️ You miss 100% of the shots you didn’t take

However, it is not only his own firm that has benefitted from Vaam because of Laszlo. He is actually one of our most active Vaambassadors and is constantly recommending Vaam to others. The trend that he has seen is that as soon as people actually start using Vaam, they realize the simplicity and intuitiveness of it. and find that it does in fact increase their personalization and time efficiency with a very large amount.

“Do not be one of those who download Vaam and never use it. Just try it out and give it a shot. Once you’ve recorded and sent 5–10 vaams, you’ll get a lot of feedback and then really start to realize its worth. In order to differentiate from the fierce competition or to break through the noise, you’ll need to do something different. This is different.”

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