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Three simple steps to happier customers with Vaam

1. Get started

We know it can be uncomfortable initially if this is your first time working with video messaging!

To help you overcome your worries, we have built a teleprompter into Vaam. All you have to do is read your pitch from a script on screen.

Just smile, and read out loud!

2. Scale yourself

Find the most repetitive tasks from your customer success work and replace them with a vaam.

Streamline onboarding, support, and other content by recording short, shareable videos. Your customer will understand your product better, and they will be easily able to share the information with their colleagues. This way, you'll save time for everyone and have happier customers!

3. Optimize

You don't have the time or energy to record new vaams all the time (trust us, we know).

That's we've built templates right into Vaam. Create templates for the videos and emails that you send often. Then send them via your regular channels with a simple click of a button. If you use workflows to manage your cadence, Vaam works there too!

Vaam saves you time!

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Case study

"I thought Vaam would be time-consuming, but it was super simple!"

Rebecka Melander - Customer Success Manager at Hailey HR

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