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Use video to help you prospect remember your meeting

The scary reality

Studies have shown that your customers will forget 50% of what you discussed in the meeting within the first 24 hours. After three days, they will have forgotten almost 90%.

By sending a vaam to recap your meeting, you will help them remember the value you can provide.

Three simple steps to close more deals with Vaam

Part 1: Prospecting

7 minutes about how you:

- Are 10x as personal in your prospecting
- Get up to 4x more booked meetings

2. Summarize

Use Vaam to summarize the most important content from a meeting and send it to your customer. Help them remember what you can do for their business to increase the chance of sealing the deal.

Plus, a 1-3 minute video is the perfect way for your customer to share the information with other stakeholders on their end!

3. Optimize

You don't have the time or energy to record new vaams all the time (trust us, we know).

That's we've built templates right into Vaam. Create templates for the videos and emails that you send often. Then send them via your regular channels with a simple click of a button. If you use workflows to manage your cadence, Vaam works there too!

Vaam saves you time!

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