How Zuuvi used Vaam to book 200% more meetings

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What problem did you have that you saw Vaam could help you with?

We want to stand out in our outreach to new customers and for our customers. And we believe that video is extremely important to work with and facilitates the whole process for us.

Vaam has everything we demand. We can work more personally but also create generic material to stand out in the market noise.

Marc Hillander - Sales Manager at Zuuvi

What result have you had since you started using Vaam?

We have seen an increase of 200% compared to before, the only difference in these sequences has been Vaam. Otherwise, it has been towards the same target audience, with the same communication.

The power of video and Vaam is enormous! By also adding our calendar to Vaam, we get customers who book meetings directly, not just more positive responses to our emails.

How was the figure of a 200% increase in booked meetings derived?

Using a similar cadence as before, we have gone from 2 automatically booked meetings to over 6 booked meetings per week per salesperson via email as channel.

The only difference was, as mentioned, including a vaam in one of the emails. And this covers a period of several months with a total of several hundreds, if not thousands, of emails sent.

How has the reception been among your team and your customers once you started using Vaam?

Only very positive. It provides a much more personal feeling in our communication and allows us to stand out in the market by being creative, which is our guiding principle.

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