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How Vaam has helped Goava get more and better meetings

Goava - a sales intelligence platform

Goava helps its customers sell smarter by giving them the data needed to prioritize their pipeline. Their sales intelligence platform helps salespeople in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Vaam gave their SDR team the ability to be more personal and create more opportunities for conversations with prospects. Which has led to more meetings and more business.

The team also uses Vaam internally to post training videos and communicate.

How do you use Vaam?

We use Vaam to create new business relationships, educate our customers, and create content for LinkedIn.

One example is that we created a LinkedIn post that called on viewers to comment to get a mini-education in CRM + Sales Intelligence. We added a Vaam video to the post and got a lot of engagement and leads!

In general, we want to be very personal and relevant in our contact with prospects. We know that works well for our purposes, and it also goes well with using our own platform.

We obviously use Goava to find the right business opportunity and company information, which allows the message to be customized based on the individual prospect that we're approaching.

Portait photo of Johan Rosenstrid
Johan Rosenstrid is SDR Team Lead at Goava

How have the team and your customers reacted to Vaam?

At first, working with video was a bit unusual, but over time it has started to feel natural, and the team has stayed very positive throughout the process.

As for our contact with customers — it's clear that the response rate is higher than plain text messages. That, in turn, has led to us having more conversations and being able to book more meetings. Which of course, leads to more business in the end.

Do you have concrete examples of things where Vaam has helped you succeed?

Simply put, Vaam has helped us get more and better meetings!

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