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Closers Only uses Vaam to be both personal and time efficient in sales and internal communication

Closers Only's Challenge

Our mission is to help other companies to increase their revenues through sales education and events. We have the biggest sales academy in Sweden and possess more than 400 videos about sales, while also hosting big events and conferences around the globe.

Therefore, we always have a strive to be better and to make the processes even more efficient for our customers. One way of doing this is finding new digital tools to integrate in the process. Besides, another challenge is to make sure that we have time with everything that we want to achieve during the week. By using new tools to free up more time helps us with that.

Since we at Closers Only are good at recording calls and analyzing ourselves previously, we are already pretty used to being recorded. Thus, it wasn't too big of a step to go into video recording instead.

The Solution

Vaam has been a great addition to our toolbox and is something that is completely natural in our processes today.

In the beginning, we used Vaam to try to book meetings by reaching out to cold clients. Since then, this process has changed quite a bit, and now we're using it more towards later stages of the sales funnels instead. Vaam is not mandatory for all sellers to use towards external clients, because we want them to build and create their own sales styles.

How salespeople use Vaam internally

  • Report sales statistics for the week
  • Give feedback on each other's calls
  • Get coaching on how to improve

How salespeople use Vaam externally

  • Introductions
  • Pre-meeting information
  • Follow-ups
  • Send offer with price suggestions
  • Sell and explain the value at the same time

How executives use Vaam

  • On-boarding new salespeople
  • Communicating with all salespeople around the world without having to be online and active
  • Make a statement, give an announcement, do product launches
  • Nurture existing customer relationships

Vaam is great because people can watch the video over and over again, instead of us having to take it live and add a risk that the message will be forgotten. Besides, it looks very modern and professional, which also strengthens our brand towards external parties.

The Result

Vaam is extremely time efficient. In fact, salespeople are usually better at talking than writing, and it is easier to convey a feeling and be able to affect someone when you're actually talking. Because you can see the person and the body language, you can emotionally affect the buyers and close more deals. When it comes to internal communication it usually takes a lot of time to communicate with a lot of different colleagues, and by sending a quick video makes it faster.

The benefits of Vaam

  • Saves time overall
  • Better customer communication
  • Increased revenue and sales performance
  • Better internal culture

It's difficult to give an exact number on how much Vaam has increased our revenues and saved our costs. What we know for sure though, is that our processes have been better and that we have saved a lot of time - which in turn saves a lot of costs. In reality though, it doesn't really matter, because the alternative is really not as good.

We are not the only ones benefitting from using the product. The people who receive the vaams also give a lot of positive response. They see it as a pleasant surprise and often writes back to say that it is cool and looks great. That's why we've also continued with it - because of the positive responses.

"Vaam is a really nice looking product which is both modern and easy to use. You should definitely try it out."

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Vaam has definitely helped to a lot of sales, but in reality it really doesn't matter, because the alternative is not as good.

Madeleine Arndt
Founder & Partner at Closers Only

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