Template to reach prospects who don't reply

December 2, 2021

"Hello [first name],

I have sent emails and called [X] phone calls without getting in touch with you. You seem to be an extremely busy person, which I completely understand since your company is very successful which leads to you having a lot to do. That's why I am now recording this short personal video to you so that I can during 60 seconds introduce myself and the great value I can provide you and your company."

[Do your 15-30 second elevator pitch, and finally end it with an encouragement to book a 15-minute meeting with you with the help of your CTA (call-to-action) button in your vaam. This is how you add a CTA. This is linked to your calendar booking (through your CRM, Calendly, or similar). Do this to get started with Calendly or similar.]


Send this vaam as a GIF in a new email to the person, together with the same text that is provided above. Finally, if you're connected with the prospect on LinkedIn, send a short DM with the following text:

"Hello [first name],

I just emailed you a short personal video which I hope, and believe, that you will find interesting. I'm writing a quick message to you here to increase the probability to reach out through the noise.

Looking forward to hearing from you!"

Below you can see an example of a type of vaam that has generated many new meetings for me. I hope that you straight off take inspiration from it, but adapt it for your company or product:

When a prospect doesn't reply


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