Make your sales video shine

August 3, 2021

Using video in sales shouldn't be complicated. But there are a couple of simple things you can do to make a big difference. Before recording your video, consider these points:

  • Lightning. Use the best lighting source available. The most straightforward trick is often to position yourself to face a window with daylight.
  • Sound. Try to find a relatively quiet space and use headphones with a microphone. If you're in a busy environment, try a noise-canceling app like Krisp.
  • Location. Don't overthink your backdrop. Part of the appeal of video is that it showcases your authenticity, including imperfect surroundings. A background that looks like a movie set can hurt you. And so can a blank white wall. Neither of them says anything about you. And they're boring. That said, try to tailor your background just like yourself. Selling enterprise software to accountants should probably have a different vibe than selling to startup founders.
  • Length. Studies have shown that people's attention to video starts dropping dramatically after two minutes. So keep your videos short and to the point. Keep a high pace throughout your video. End with a cliff-hanger and a call-to-action. The fact is for them to be intrigued and respond.

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