How to position your product for market success - Sofia Alexus (Kundo)

January 9, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of B2B SaaS, understanding the nuances of product positioning and go-to-market strategies is crucial. My recent conversation with Sofia Alexus, CEO at Kundo, in B2B SaaS CEOs podcast provided invaluable insights into this domain.

The Essence of Product Positioning

Sofia emphasized the significance of early involvement and collaboration between product and commercial teams. This synergy is essential for aligning product development with market demands. A common pitfall in many organizations is the siloed functioning of the product department, which leads to a disconnect with the market realities.

Key Strategies for Effective Go-to-Market

  1. Early Customer Engagement: Engaging with customers during the product discovery phase is vital. It helps in understanding their needs and aligning your product accordingly.
  2. Understanding Market Dynamics: A deep dive into market trends, customer feedback, and competitive analysis is crucial. This process should inform your product roadmap and positioning strategy.
  3. Aligning Teams for Cohesion: Ensuring that your product and commercial teams work in tandem is key. It's not just about product development but also about how it's communicated and sold in the market.

AI and Customer Service: A Case Study in Positioning

Sofia discussed Kundo's journey with AI in customer service. The decision to integrate AI into their existing offering, rather than selling it as an add-on, was a strategic move in positioning. This integration enhanced the overall value of their product and made it more attractive to customers.

The Human Touch in Tech Products

Even in the tech-driven world, the human element remains irreplaceable. Sofia stressed the importance of understanding customer psychology and building relationships. This approach not only aids in better positioning but also in building a loyal customer base.


Product positioning in the B2B SaaS sector is an art that balances customer needs, market trends, and technological advancements. As Sofia Alexus's insights reveal, the key lies in early customer engagement, team alignment, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. It's not just about building a product; it's about crafting a solution that resonates with your market.


Listen to the whole interview with Sofia Alexus - CEO at Kundo - in B2B SaaS CEOs podcast where Sofia and Josef discussed how to position your product successfully, Go-to-market strategy, building brand as a SaaS company, time spent in preparation is always time saved in execution, and much more.

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