Call-to-action: The Determining Factor Between Lead and Conversion

August 3, 2021

A call-to-action (CTA) is a prompt that tells the user to take some specific action. It is typically written as a command or action phrase, such as ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ and generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink.

A CTA is an effective way to motivate your prospects to take real steps toward becoming a customer. It can be the determining factor between a lead and a conversion.

Real life examples of CTAs

Reasons why you should use call-to-action

1. CTAs motivate sales funnels

It is important that you never leave it up to your prospect to decide which action to take next. Given all the distractions on the web — and all other actors competing for the attention of your potential customers — it is very easy to lose them if you don’t direct them your way. The easier you make it to take the next step, the more people will do so.

2. Customers want them

CTAs are not only important for businesses, customers both expect and want them. When they have chosen to use their attention to see your pitch until the end, they would also expect to see what the next steps are.

3. They are impossible to miss

No matter how compelling the copy is — it won’t matter if it is a tiny button that blends in with everything else. Therefore CTA buttons are designed to stand out from the other page elements.

Vaam ❤ call-to-action

Vaam has recently released the call-to-action feature that is the most appreciated function so far. This means that you can add a call-to-action button of your choice to any of your recorded vaams. The possibilities are endless — calendar bookings, sign-ups, purchases, etc.

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